BSP & Device Driver

Seamless integration of Board Support Package (BSP) and device drivers across multiple OS is critical to overall system performance including boot time and power optimisation. With an understanding of the system architecture, and variation in number of peripherals, an efficient BSP can greatly reduce the footprint, thereby lowering the system cost.

Our Solutions

Operating Systems: Android, Embedded Linux, RTOS
Device driver: Camera, Graphics, LCD, Touch, HDMI, Audio, NAND, eMMC, SDIO, MMC/SD Card, SATA, Gigabit Ethernet, GPS, WLAN, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB
Boot loader customization,Cold boot and Snapshot boot
Driver development
Kernel migration, profiling and testing
Frameworks: QT, GTK, X11, DirectFB, ALSA, V4L2
Tools: Yocto, LTP, OpenTest, CTS
Optimisation of all layers: xloader, u-boot, kernel
Application specific optimisation

Our Expertise

Trunexa has in-depth expertise in Board Support Package (BSP) development, device driver integration and system performance improvement on SoCs from major semiconductor companies. We optimize device boot time keeping application specific requirement into consideration. We do a thorough system performance analysis and optimization. We explore each software/hardware block, understand and modify the design and optimize the time taken by different blocks in achieving the target boot time.