Multimedia Middlware

In a market that is constantly evolving towards new standards and platforms, feature-rich middleware solutions are being increasingly used in smartphone, automotive, video surveillance, and video-conferencing solutions. End-user experience is being redefined through multimedia integration options across multiple use cases using robust and efficient middleware solutions.

Our Expertise

Our offerings are engineered to deliver end-to-end performance in terms of latency, power and boot time optimization. Trunexa provides a spectrum of middleware development services for platforms such as Android, Windows and Embedded Linux.


Our Solutions

Multimedia Framework: Be it a homogeneous or a distributed ecosystem, our flexible service delivery model helps you build robust middleware frameworks for your complete multimedia pipeline. Our competency in building Android multimedia framework from board bring up, development to porting has been integrated into many of our Cameras, Automotive, Media playback and Video processing solutions. Apart from Android, we can also help you build proprietary multimedia frameworks which support multi-channel requirements such as CPU offload, low power audio, video and imaging DSPs.

Connectivity: Flexible frameworks to incorporate ease of use in many Bluetooth, Wireless connectivity, Android Auto and Car play applications.

Embedded: Our experience in the embedded multimedia technology space includes smart TV, Cameras and infotainment systems. We have hands-on experience in rolling out robust and efficient multimedia middleware components to support your connectivity features.

File containers: 3GPP, MP4, AVI, AFS, MOV, MKV

Protocol Stacks: SIP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, SRTP, HLS, MPEG-DASH, DLNA, UPnP, RDP, RemoteFx, MirrorLink, DRM

Sub-systems: Based on Stagefright, AudioFlinger, GStreamer, OpenMax, DirectShow and MFT Camera framework, Audio & Display framework, 2D/3D Graphics, Composting, Rendering

Streaming: RTP, Adaptive Streaming technologies, Mpeg2 transport stream, system integration and porting, Android TV framework and security (HDCP)


Trunexa Advantage

Platform familiarity: Our experience in enabling multimedia solutions on multiple embedded platforms combined with our knowledge of codecs, Android multimedia framework, OMX IL and application layer is deep seated to industry’s latest trends and standards. At Trunexa, we believe that it is the end-user and not the application that governs an application’s design criterion. We leverage the best practices, tools and expertise gained over years of diverse engagement across industries to present the best service delivery model.